At ResetBio, our passion is to unlock your potential for new thresholds of performance through advancements in nutritional ketosis supplementation, and improve recovery from inflammatory conditions that cause discomfort, pain and restricted movement.

Our brand promise is simple: OUR PRODUCTS WORK!  They work fast in just minutes and they are powerful life changers. We hear daily how ResetBio is resetting quality of life and athletic potential, so Reset your expectations for energy, stamina, focus, appetite control, performance and recovery. How many times have you encountered a product in the natural health industry for which the biological outcome is quantifiable, measurable, in just minutes?  Here at ResetBio we change industry expectations and product level of excellence through scientific research.

Read the personal, professional and research-driven journey taken by Franco Cavaleri BSc PhDc, a biomedical researcher who struggled with a debilitating inflammatory disease but pushed through to IFBB Mr. North America.  This technology was seeded by his personal and professional experience. Discover how you too can push past your limits and Reset your life with ResetBio.

Cavaleri’s research into anti-inflammatory strategies originally used to support recovery from training, quickly became focused on better understanding the pharmacology of natural medicinal agents to rehabilitate his ulcerative colitis, without surgical intervention. Cavaleri was able to overcome his disease without surgery!

According to Cavaleri, the key was to isolate an extract instrumental in reducing inflammation. Learn how Cavaleri achieved efficient separation of the curcuminoids within the regular curcumin extract more than 18 years ago and with the study of the pharmacology of each constituent independently in isolation, was able to unravel the pharmacology of each constituent at a cellular and subcellular level in multiple cell lines and tissues. Over the decades his in-depth biomedical work mapped the pharmacology of these curcuminoids in an attempt to better understand why they worked to effect symptoms deferentially. In this way, Cavaleri discovered a way to predict curcumin and curcuminoid activity and augment the curcuminoid proportions within the extract to manipulate the activity to be more target specific and reliable in terms of disease indication.

The result is the new potential to design curcumin-based therapies with greater precision, with the ability to more selectively target subcellular proteins involved in development of disease symptoms and pathology, and increased efficacy by indication. These discoveries change everything we knew about curcumin setting in place a new industry standard and a new level of pharmacology for patients and consumers in need. Health Canada (NHPD) has recognised this work with approval (NPN) for sale in Canada.  The research outcomes have resulted in full Patent status for the technologies.


Activated Ketones
Induces ketogenesis

Induce ketogenesis in a whole new way with Ketone Shift™ made with KETOBA™ Activated Ketones. Energy, focus, stamina and blood sugar clearance are just some of the many benefits. Formulated to taste great, Ketone Shift™ from ResetBio will NOT cause gastrointestinal distress or load you up with unwanted sodium.

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An incredible new anti-inflammatory and recovery product, Curcumin BDMC is also the world’s most potent antioxidant (125x more powerful than standard curcumin). This formulation features 60x more of the active curcuminoid bisdemethoxycurcumin (BDMC) making it an incredible value.

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$52.49 USD 60 caps

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