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Franco Cavaleri Speaks to: Ketogenic Diets – How Ketosis Factors Into Atkins

As we’ve all seen, diets come and go and come again. Most fat-loss strategies deliver horrific consequences, but amazingly they’re kept alive by people desperately seeking magical solutions. Most diets result in weight loss because they lack calories but also deplete the body of glycogen, water, and muscle. You probably know many of these nutrient-deficient […]

Franco Cavaleri Speaks to: Your Metabolism on Ketoba

The best builders’ dietary program must keep dietary protein at a level that serves anabolism (building new tissue), which means consuming higher amounts of protein than the strict medical ketogenic diet allows for. Adding the exogenous ketones helps preserve protein for anabolism and prevent lean tissue catabolism (breaking down complex molecules and releasing energy). Using […]

Franco Cavaleri Speaks to: Exploring the Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic diets have become the big buzz today and for good reason! The ultra low-carb, high-fat diet can help with weight loss and improved health. By vastly reducing carbohydrates in your diet, your body is put into a metabolic state called ketosis (if all the other macros fall in place), which results in it becoming […]

Franco Cavaleri Speaks to: The Challenges Around Ketosis

Franco Cavaleri, BSc, PhDc Experimental Medicine; Mr. IFBB North America If you think you’re in ketosis because you’ve decided to will and grunt your way through a carb-limited diet, think again. It’s not that easy even if you sacrificed day in and day out. Glucogenic amino acids, those that can be converted to glucose, such […]

Franco Cavaleri Speaks to: Glucose vs Ketones vs KETOBA for cellular energy

Supplementation with exogenous ketones is skyrocketing to new levels. Nevertheless, the information about these supplements is getting more and more confusing with regulatory agencies trying to catch up to the messaging. KETOBA™ is designed based on the patent particulars owned by Biologic Nutrigenomics and the only exogenous ketone product currently approved by the CFIA’s Natural […]